Request for an offer Lounge on 14h (Building 5)

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Good Morning on 14th

7.00 to 10.30 am
Assorted mini peaks, fruit basket, fruit juice, sparkling and still water
from 5 persons

Working Lunch on 14th

11.30 an to 14.00 pm
Selection of salads and starters
Selection of rolls
Soup with seasoning
One vegetarian dish
Two main dishes (meat and fish)
One vegetarian dish (on order also vegan)
Selection of side dishes and vegetables
Fruit salad in a jar
Daily desserts in a jar
One soft drink included 

Good Afternoon on 14th

Wholegrain wraps with grilled vegetables and baba ganoush,
wheat wrap with smoked salmon,
avocado curd cheese and salad,
seasonal fruit lassi,
selection of pastries,
dessert in a jar,
seasonal fruit basket


Our chef will make a selection upon your whishes
from 16.30 pm, from 10 persons

Small Aperitif

Nuts, crisps, pretzel sticks

Aperitif Mediterrano

Marinaded olives, Grana Padano, Grissini

Classic Aperitif 

Cheese quiche
Ham croissant
Mini pizza (margherita & prosciutto)
spinach quiche
Assorted filled puff pastry
1 serving per person

Swiss Apéro

Sausage cheese salad
Quiche with Appenzeller cheese
Beef salad with herbal vinaigrette
Pasta with Swiss cheese and roasted onions
Crispy bread with sweet potato dip
Vegetable barley soup

Quadra Apéro

Quiche mit mediterranem Gemüse
Mini Flammkuchen mit Speck 
Rind-Meatballs (3 Stück) mit pikanter Tomatensauce
Auswahl an gefülltem Blätterteiggebäck
je 1 Stück pro Person

Italian Apéro

Focaccia sticks with cured ham
Marinated olives and Grana Padano cheese
Crostini with two Pesto
Vitello tonnato with capers
Mediterranean vegetable salad with mozzarella pearls
1 serving of each per person

Asia Aperitif

Asia delight Selection
Spring roll
chicken dumpling
Prawns sesame wonton
Thai vegetable samosa
Salmon Teriyaki
Red Thai curry soup with lemongrass
Edamame with sea salt
Wakame salad with Tiger Prawns
Chicken glass noodles salad with sweet chili dressing
1 serving of each per person

Deluxe Apéro

Smoked salmon with a dill cream and mini blini,
tuna tataki with an sour seaweed mango salad,
pulled pork with on a corn tortilla with sour cream and chipotle,
arancini with tomato-chutney and parmesan,
baked camembert with cranberries,
tomato broth
1 piece per person

Cheese platter

Selection of Swiss hard and soft cheeses (5 types) 
tree nuts, sweet&sour apple confit, dried fruits 
served with crisp homemade bread and fruit bread
for 5 persons

Meat Platter

Graubunden air-dried grison, beer sausage, salsiz, Salami
pickled vegetables
served with crisp homemade bread and fruit bread
for 5 persons

Antipasti Platter

Italian cured ham, bresaola, Nostrano salami
Grana Padano, marinated olives
Homemade antipasti vegetables (courgettes, aubergines, peppers, tomatoes, red wine onions)
served with crisp olive bread
for 5 persons

Swiss Platter

Selection of Swiss hard and soft cheeses
Graubunden air dried grison, beer sausage, salsiz
grapes, pickled vegetables and dried fruits
served with crispy bread and fruit bread
for 5 persons

Baguette Ham 1 metre

Salad, egg, gherkin
for 10 people

Wholegrain Baguette Salami 1 metre

Nostrano salami, arugula, mustard butter
for 10 people

Rye Baguette Appenzeller 1 metre

with salad and apple
for 10 people

Wholegrain Baguette Tomato, mozzarella 1 metre

Tomato, mozzarella, pesto, arugula
for 10 people

Rustico baguette, Baba Ganoush & grilled vegetables  1 metre

Rustico baguette
for 10 people

Baguette smoked salmon 1 metre

Smoked salmon, horseradish sauce, cucumber
for 10 people

Pretzel Baguette Grison air-dried meat 1 metre

Grison air-dried meat, salad, tomato curd
for 10 people

Rustico Baguette Roast beef 1 metre

Roast beef, tartare sauce, salad, tomatoes
for 10 people

Wheat bran Baguette Cured ham

Cured ham, salad, cream cheese
for 10 people

Tomato-mozzarella skewer

Marinated olives and parmesan cheese

Crostini with two pestos

Focaccia with cured ham

Vitello tonnato with capers

Wakame salad with Tiger prawns

Beef salad with herbal vinaigrette

Sausage cheese salad

Greek salad


Beef tatar with celery and mushroom salad

Garden salad with smoked salmon and honey mustard

Cheese quiche

Mini vegetable samosa with raita

Mini spring roll with sweet chilli dip

Mediterranean vegetable quiche

Red Thai curry soup with lemongrass

Ham croissant

Fried panko prawn with mango chilli dip

Chicken satay with peanut sauce

Mini Alsace tart with bacon

with bacon

Beef meatballs with spicy tomato sauce

3 pieces

Salmon Teriyaki

sweet-spicy cucumber dip

Homemade desserts in a jar – daily selection

Fresh fruit salad

Chocolate mousse

Grand Cru Maracaibo Chocolate

Panna cotta with fruit coulis 

Caramel pudding with whipped cream

Quark trifle with berries

Coconut cream with mango

Coffee (filter coffee)

thermos jug

Tea, assortment

thermos jug

Valser, sparkling

5 dl PET

Valser, still

6 dl PET


5 dl PET

Coca-Cola Zero

5 dl PET

Ice Tea Lemon

5 dl PET

Rivella Red

10 dl PET

Rivella Blue

11 dl PET

Elmer Citro

5 dl PET

Apple juice with sparkling mineral water

12 dl PET

Valser, sparkling

1 Liter

Valser, still

1 Liter

Michel orange juice, Max Havelaar

1 Liter

Michel Bodyguard, Max Havelaar

1 Liter

Seasonal fruit juice


Seasonal vegetables juice


Prosecco brut DOC

Treviso ll Colle di Valdobbiadene, 75cl

Bauget Jouette Carte Blanche Brut    

AOC Champagne, 75cl

Riesling Silvaner

Vineyard Ottiger, Lucerne, 75cl
Fresh-fruity taste, best for aperitif and antipasti

Lansilo Bianco di Merlot DOC

Cantina il Cavaliere, Ticino, 75cl
Flowery fragrance, fruity, dry,
best for aperitif, antipasti and fish

Verdejo Castelo de Medina

Verdejo DO Rueda
Fruity and fresh
Best for: Apéritif and Tapas.

Roero Arneis DO

Piemont, 75cl
Elegant, flowery fragrance, fruity,
best for aperitif, antipasti and fish

Pinot Noir 

Vineyard Ottiger, Lucerne, 75cl

Vino Generoso Merlot

Ticino DOC Matasci
Merlot. Plum sauce und sour cherrie notes.
Best for: meat, game, rabbit and cheese.

Ripasso Valpolicella Class. Sup. DOC

Monte del Frà, Veneto, 75cl

Paco Garcia Rioja DOCa

Seis, Spain, 75cl

Feldschlösschen Hopfenperle


Feldschlösschen Weizen


Feldschlösschen alkoholfree


Baarer Goldmandli Bier