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However you like to call it - eating is a very personal thing. With the right food we feel snug, overjoyed, intoxicated or comforted. Such feel good food is like a big embrace; an ointment for our soul that makes us smile.


Due to the current situation, we will not provide any catering services for the time being. 

Thank you for your understanding


Welcome to the Quadra

Fresh, crisp, fruity and wonderfully fragrant: our Quadra Terra and Quadra Lago restaurants serve up a varied and freshly prepared choice of dishes every day. Put together your favourite menu yourself, or head for the front cooking stations to have your food prepared for you on the spot. 

Mix and match as you please
The entire Roche gastronomy is based on  our "free choice" concept. The freedom to put together the greater part of your menu to suit your own tastes and individual needs. The price depends on the main components (meat, fish or vegetarian). Simple!

Be a smart eater with us
Very little salt, low in sugar, reduced fat: the "Smart Eating" menus at the Quadra Terra offer dishes based on a varied, balanced choice of mixed foods, and every one contains fewer than 600 calories, guaranteed! At the Green Market buffet, you can put together your own low-fat but balanced meal.

Our Restaurants

Quadra Terra

With our free-choice system at the Quadra Terra, you can pick and mix all the components just as you please. The price depends on the main elements (meat, fish or vegetarian). Simple!

Quadra Lago

See your food prepared in front of you at the different stations in the Quadra Lago. The highlight is a "Mix it" buffet where you can choose the ingredients for the Asia Wok and Pastaria stations yourself.


The Cafeteria has something just right at any time of the day: sip on a barista coffee and mix up a muesli in the morning, pick up a fresh sandwich at lunch, try one of our delicious desserts in the afternoon and drop in after work to buy something to take home for your evening meal.

Opening hours

Monday to Thursday:   7am to 5 pm
Friday: 7am to 4 pm

Monday to Friday: 11.00 am to 1.30 pm

Payment methods
Badge (internal Roche employees only), Cost centre badges, EC Maestro, PostFinance-Card, cash, Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Lunch-Check, Reka-Card, TWINT

Open to public

«NEW: Book Niches via Google Calender.»

Book Niches

You can book tables in the niches in the Quadra Terra/ Lago yourself via Google Calendar.

This way you can reserve a table for at least six people yourself:
You create an appointment in Google Calendar with the desired lunch participants (minimum number: six people).
Instead of the meeting room, select the Google resource "TROOS-LAGO..." or "TROOS-TERRA..." under "Rooms".
If you are more than six guests, you can add several tables to the invitation. The letters in front of the table number (A01, A02, A03, B04, B05, B06 etc.) show you which tables are next to each other.

IMPORTANT: On the iPads on site, the check-in button must be pressed upon arrival. Reservations that have not been checked in will be deleted 20 minutes after the start of lunch.

Please note:
If the confidentiality setting "confidential" is selected for the lunch appointment, only the organizer is visible on the iPads. The title is not displayed.

See table plan


Head of Gastronomy Services

Michael Zellweger
T +41 41 799 22 33
michael.zellweger (at) eldora.ch


Pascal Bernhardt
T +41 41 792 35 80
catering.quadra (at) eldora.ch


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