Urban Flavours Paris 18th to 22nd November

The way to someone’s heart goes through his stomach. And where is there a better way than in Paris? A crispy butter croissant at the bakery around the corner, a croque monsieur for lunch in Montmartre, a sweet crèpe while strolling along the Seine and a juicy piece of meat with Café de Paris sauce and pommes alumettes for dinner. Oh yes, that’s how love goes. 

In large Cities people from different nations, cultures and culinary background come together and hence influencing the gastronomical cityscape. The most popular dishes we present with “Urban Flavours”. 

Free Choice

You prefer the side order from our "Around the World" menu with your "Alpine Kitchen" dish, combined with salad or fresh vegetables from our "Smart Eating" selection? No problem! Put your menu together just as you wish. The price depends on the main components (meat, fish or vegetarian). Simple!

Feel good kitchen - soul food - brain Nutrition

However you like to call it - eating is a very personal thing. With the right food we feel snug, overjoyed, intoxicated or comforted. Such feel good food is like a big embrace; an ointment for our soul that makes us smile.


Working Lunch in the office, aperitifs or a delicious themed buffet? Organise it here!

We are looking forward to welcome you.

Order guest voucher via e-mail: catering.quadra (at) eldora.ch
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Quadra Terra

Here at the Quadra Terra, we operate a free choice system  allowing you to pick and mix your dishes just as you please. Meat from the "Alpine Kitchen" menu, side dishes from our "Smart Eating" menu, vegetables from the vegi buffet or a plate of salad from the generous salad buffet. No problem! Eat what you want, mix as you please. The price depends on the main components (meat, fish or vegetarian). Simple!

Opening hours

Monday to Friday: 11.00 am to 1.30 pm

Payment methods
Badge (internal Roche employees only), Cost centre badges, EC Maestro, PostFinance-Card, cash, Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Lunch-Check, Reka-Card, TWINT

Open to public


Head of Gastronomy Services

Stefanie Knuchel
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Bettina Fischer
T +41 41 792 35 80
catering.quadra (at) eldora.ch


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