General Terms and Conditions

Conclusion of the Contract
The client receives a detailed quotation, which is not binding for either the client or the supplier. If ordering via online Catering-Shop, the supplier will establish contact after receiving the inquiry in order to clarify the details and will make up a detailed offer, which is non-binding. Following any necessary adjustment of the quotation, the supplier confirms the order in detail by writing. The agreement comes into effect as soon as the supplier receives a legally valid, signed, and dated duplicate of the confirmation from the client. If the confirmation not being received within the time limit set by the supplier, the quote becomes invalid.

Minimun Order: CHF 30.00

Order Deadlines
Coffeebreaks, Working Lunches, Aperitifs    24h before the event

Evening events / Special Events 
1 – 50 people                  10 am, 2 days before the event
51 – 100 people              10 am, 5 days before the event
More than 100 people    10 am 10 days before the event
If orders are placed at short notice, the offer can be limited.
The event`s conformation and the number of participants must be communicated to the supplier in writing with an e-mail by no later than the deadline, which can be seen in the offer. Upon expiry of the deadline, the last known number of participants will be fully charged.

Delivery Times
Monday to Friday: 7 am to 5 pm 
Other delivery time upon consultation    

All prices listed are in Swiss francs and are inclusive VAT. Cost for the transport and service of our staff are charged separately. We reserve the right to make changes to the range and prices.

Delivery & Usage Fee    
On premises (deliver only, without setup) no delivery fee
Outside premises (collect only, without setup) CHF 50.00
The delivery fee is charged only if the delivery from the restaurant to your event location is more than 20 minutes away or your catering amount is less than CHF 500.00.
For external events we charge a 10% usage fee of the final amount (incl. delivery fee) 

Staff Costs                           until 12pm / after 12pm
Staff per hour                        CHF 50.00    /    CHF 60.00
Chef de Service, per hour      CHF 55.00    /    CHF 70.00
Management staff, per hour  CHF 70.00    /    CHF 80.00
After 5pm, the actual costs will be charged.

Cancellations (only possible on working days)
48 hours in advance     no costs incurred by the client
24 to 36 hours in advance                                                                             50 % of the costs
0 to 24 hours in advance                                                                                100 % of the costs    

Pick up the ordered Food and Beverages
Depending on the offer, food and beverages can be provided for pick up. The price includes dishes and expendable items. Not opened and damaged bottles will be taken back, only the effective consumption of the beverages is going to be cleared. Please make an appointment at the restaurant for the collection. Damaged or missing crockery are billed to the client.

Information about Allergens
Our dishes are prepared daily in kitchens where various allergens are present. Please feel free to ask our team for information about ingredients that may cause an allergic reaction. Despite our precautions, we cannot guarantee total exclusion of an allergen through cross-contamination.

Renting Dishes – Replacement Cost
We do not charge any rent for dishes if you book the event with us. In case of renting dishes, cutlery or glasses, the costs for cleaning and washing-up is included. For delivery our delivery costs apply. Missing or damaged material will be charged as follows:

Plate, 28 cm    12.00 / pc
Plate, 24 cm    11.00 / pc
Plate, 18 cm    9.00 / pc
Salad plate, small    7.00 / pc
Soup bowl    7.00 / pc
Coffee cup with saucer    12.00 / pc
Espresso cup with saucer    12.00 / pc
Knife    7.00 / pc
Fork    7.00 / pc
Soup spoon    7.00 / pc
Coffee spoon    3.00 / pc
Ladle    20.00 / pc
Pliers    20.00 / pc
Champagne glass    7.00 / pc
Red wine glass    7.00 / pc
White wine glass    7.00 / pc
Water glass, 2.5 dl    5.00 / pc
Corkscrew    25.00 / pc
Knife, large    30.00 / pc
Bowl    30.00 / pc
Platter    30.00 / pc
Basket    25.00 / pc
Thermos    25.00 / pc

Tablecloths and Napkins
Tablecloth, fabric, white 1.4 x 1.9 m    15.00 / pc
Napkin, fabric, white 50 x 50 cm    7.00  / pc

Should an event be publicised or advertised without the written consent of the supplier, and such that the substantial interests of the supplier are adversely affected, the supplier shall have the right to cancel the event.

Corgage is not allowed.

Advanced Payment
Should the ordered catering exceed the counter-value of CHF 10'000 the supplier is eligible to demand a payment of a deposit, which is maximum 50 % of the order value according to the order confirmation. The advance payment has to be paid up at the latest 10 days before the event on the suppliers account.

Invoicing and Payments
After the event, the client will receive an invoice containing a detailed list of the services ordered (food, drinks, transport, material and staff), VAT and any missing or damaged goods. The invoice must be paid within 30 days without deduction of cash discount.

Liability of the Organizer / Client for Damage
The organiser / client shall be liable for all damage to the premises or inventory caused by the participants or their visitors, their staff or other third parties associated with them, or caused by the organiser themselves. The supplier (Eldora) can demand the provision of reasonable securities (e.g. insurance, deposit, guarantee).

Technical Equipment and Connections
To the extent that the supplier procures technical or other equipment from third parties for the organiser, the supplier shall act in the name of, with the authority of and for the account of the organiser. The organiser shall be liable for the careful handling and proper return of this equipment to Eldora. The organiser shall exempt third parties from asserting all claims in respect of the transfer of this equipment. The use of the organiser`s own technical / electrical equipment connected to the supplier`s mains electricity supply shall require the written consent of the supplier.

Loss and Damage of brought Items
Display items or other personal items are brought into the event rooms at the client`s own risk. The supplier shall assume no liability for loss, destruction or damage, except in cases of gross negligence or wilful intent. Decorative material brought onto the premises must comply with fire safety requirements. The supplier shall be entitled to demand official evidence of such compliance. Due to the risk of potential damage, the setting up and mounting of objects must be agreed with the supplier in advanced. In the event of damage being caused as a result of setting up / mounting of objects, renovation / repair costs shall be borne by the organiser. Display items or other items brought onto the premises must be removed immediately at the end of the event. Should the organiser fail to remove such items, the supplier shall be entitled to remove and store such items and to charge the organiser for this.

Applicable Law and Place of Jurisdiction
Swiss law applies. The sole place of jurisdiction is Zurich.