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The Veganuary (from Vegan + January) inspires people all over the world,
to try a purely plant-based diet in January. We support that!
That's why we cook many great delicious vegan dishes throughout January.

Urban Flavours: Ho Chi Minh City
27 to 31 January 2020

In big Cities people from different nations, cultures and culinary background come together and hence influencing the gastronomical cityscape. The most popular dishes we present with “Urban Flavours”. 
Vietnam's kitchens, as in so many Asian countries, are found on the street. And there are such tasty things as papaya salad, the typical Phở a broth in umpteen variations or crispy caramelised meat.

Our Restaurants


Sometimes hearty-savoury, sometimes light and vegetarian, sometimes spicy Asiatic: the Quadra Terra and Quadra Lago restaurants offer every possible combination, with a large choice of menus to mix as you please, different stations such as wok, pasta and pizza, and a large salad buffet.

Restaurant Q

At the full-service Restaurant Q, we celebrate Swiss products in line with our "nose to tail" and "leaf to root" concept. The Q is the ideal venue for a quiet lunch with colleagues and business partners.


For lunch, the Convivo offers two creative menus: "Alpine Kitchen" and "Around the World". A wide assortment of snacks is also available in addition to this lunchtime offer.

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