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Welcome to the culinary universe of Eldora!

In our world, everything revolves around food. Our credo "We love food" stands for our elation and passion for everything we do.

We cook an honest cuisine without frippery but everything is freshly made – because homemade tastes the best. We cook with seasonal products from the region. We cook with love and creativity, not only one cuisine, but all cuisines from around the world.


Acts of Green - No Foodwaste
30 March

The catering industry is responsible for 7% of food waste. Eldora AG joined the agreement of the Federal Office for the Environment in 2021 together with many other industry partners. The aim of the agreement is to reduce food waste by 50% by 2023.

You can also do a lot against foodwaste at home - discover exactly what you can do here.

Today we serve our No Foodwaste Lasagne with Grainmade. Grainmade consists of spent grains and is an actual "waste product" of beer production.  

Bio Farmer's Day
4 -6 April

In collaboration with Bio Suisse, we serve a complete organic menu with ingredients from Swiss organic farmers.

Acts of Green - No Foodwaste
30. März

Die Gastronomie ist zu 7% mitverantwortlich für Foodwaste. Die Eldora AG hat sich 2021 zusammen mit vielen anderen Branchenpartnern der Vereinbarung des Bundesamtes für Umwelt angeschlossen. Das Ziel der Vereinbarung ist es Foodwaste 50% zu reduzieren bis 2023.

Auch zu Hause kann man viel gegen Foodwaste machen – was genau entdecken Sie hier.

Heute gibt es darum unsere No Foodwaste Lasagne mit Grainmade. Grainmade besteht aus Treber und ist ein eigentliches "Abfallprodukt" der Bierproduktion.  

Our Restaurants


Sometimes hearty-savoury, sometimes light and vegetarian, sometimes spicy Asiatic: the Quadra Terra and Quadra Lago restaurants offer every possible combination, with a large choice of menus to mix as you please, different stations such as wok, pasta and pizza, and a large salad buffet.

Restaurant Q

At the full-service Restaurant Q, we celebrate Swiss products in line with our "nose to tail" and "leaf to root" concept. The Q is the ideal venue for a quiet lunch with colleagues and business partners.


For lunch, the Convivo offers two creative menus: "Alpine Kitchen" and "Around the World". A wide assortment of snacks is also available in addition to this lunchtime offer.

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